Data loss can be considered a disaster. Computer stores data in regards to clients, inventory, accounts, old transaction, accounting files and so on. Imagine what it would be like if one day all that data will disappear because of a computer virus. Having good recovery software can save you from such type of disaster. Recovery software helps us recover lost data in the event of a hard drive crash or other computer issue. And to assure the protection of data, we have a cost-effective and simple solution to recover your lost data in few easy defined steps.

"Data" is a raw material stores in a format of rows and columns which can be processed later on to get information. Data loss is situation where these data stored in the hard drive is lost or becomes inaccessible. Loss of data is most effective way of destroying any business or individual. Primary causes of data loss are Hard Disk Failure, Electro-Mechanical Failure, Software malfunction, Virus attack or Natural catastrophe. Though of loosing data even on temporary basis give nightmare to businessmen.

DDR Professional – Recovery with specialized data recovery software easily recovers lost, misplaced and accidently deleted data from your Laptop or Computer hard disk and all types of USB digital media drives. Powerful utility easily salvage deleted files from data storage devices, including Hard disks, USB media drives, Memory cards, Music players, Mobile Phones, Digital cameras and other similar devices.
Data Doctor Recovery system is easy, safe, read-only and non-destructive data recovery software service tool.

Software is compatible on major operating systems like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows Server 2010, Windows Server 2003 etc and provides easy interactive GUI.

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